Hello Friends:

It is June 20, 1999.

Ellen and I have left on our "adventure". I truly enjoy my friends and patients, and I will miss them all. Ellen and I felt we should stay in touch someway, and this webpage may do it.

My life has changed so much in the last two years that I wonder if I should have stayed "in the harness", at work and in Alameda. My father did that 'till his last day. Change is hard as my old friend, Dick Cochran, said.

I'm presently in a motel in Santa Barbara, CA. We've said goodbye to Oakland, Alameda, San Francisco Bay and all that I've known there for the last 60 years. Most of my possessions are with friends, in a storage vault or at the city dumps. The kids are out of the house, the house is sold, I'm no longer at work. What's left of my posessions fits into two soft suitcases, perfectly.

I just attended my daughter's graduation from UCSB. Tomorrow, we'll drive my son, Tim, and his girlfriend and our grandma to Las Vegas for Tim's 21st birthday celebration. On June 25 Ellen and I have a "redeye" flight to Boston, MA from Las Vegas. At 9:35 am we then pick up a rental car in Boston and drive to Center Harbor, Maine. That is where the boat is sitting at a mooring. We'll pick up a truck from one of the yardworkers and drive to Bar Harbor to drop off the rental car. Then we drive back in the truck to Center Harbor, row out to the boat and get some sleep. Around July 1 and after some outfitting, the cruise will begin.

The webpage address is:


With regards,

Terry and Ellen